Social network development and maintenance

Social network development and maintenance Hynes has developed and maintained ground-breaking profiles and fan pages on behalf of clients, consistently growing their reach with other users of top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, as well as social multimedia sharing services like YouTube and Flickr.

Hynes has also advised a variety of clients on the merits of leveraging less talked about but still valuable social networks that speak to specific demographics such as eons (Boomers), BlackPlanet (African-Americans), and Mi Gente (Latinos).

The Hynes approach to social networking does not simply focus on the platforms getting the most publicity, but on finding the networks where target audiences already participate online, and then leveraging them.

We custom build each client's social networking strategy, taking care to appropriately leverage both "earned" and "paid" elements. What we deliver is an intelligent online footprint for each client that neatly integrates all of a client's online properties: websites, blogs, social networks and sharing services, meaning bang for your buck and true value.