Additional Services

Hynes offers clients the following services in addition to those detailed above:

  • Design, management and oversight of all aspects of traditional eCampaigns.
  • Advice on the development, maintenance and use of in-house blogs.
  • Online and offline event publicity and promotion.
  • Issue advocacy campaign management.
  • Earned and paid online media campaigns.
  • Graphic design.
  • Online media monitoring and reporting.
  • Traditional political consulting and political strategy.
  • Opposition research.

These additional offerings are one of the key differences between Hynes and other new media firms. Hynes professionals have the ability and the requisite experience to be more than just the "online guys," where helpful or necessary, and the body of knowledge to understand how all the components of your campaign or media plan work together to achieve the results you need. Members of the Hynes team have helped hundreds of candidates run for and win public office, and both public and private sector entities formulate messages that reach key stakeholders both on and offline. Hynes' clients get the benefit of that cumulative experience, in addition to the best, most aggressive online team in the business.]]>