Digital Strategy

With the evolution of social media, it is harder than ever to rise above the clatter.

Hynes team members bring a 25+ years as online communications strategists acting for Presidential campaigns, party committees, candidates for federal office and major Washington, D.C. and state-level policymakers and stakeholders.

We have the strongest and most extensive relationships of any digital media firm with bloggers and online media across the board, allowing us to consistently deliver for our clients-whether that means reaching activists or Members of Congress, or pervading a news cycle.

Hynes will help advance your issue by crafting an integrated and targeted digital strategy incorporating every platform with tactics from content creation, to rapid response social engagement, to advertising and media placement.

Hynes has established deep relationships with bloggers, reporters, and political activists across many sectors. We study their interests, content, and audiences and have built rapport and gained trust.

We know the key players on the left, the right and in the middle, and what bloggers care about what issues. More importantly, Hynes strategists know how to reach them, and get results, no matter the issue or campaign.