New media is uniquely integrated into both the education process and the corresponding policy discussion. Hynes has worked for private sector institutions, school choice advocacy groups, and others looking to spread their message online.


Hynes works extensively with private corporations, trade associations, and advocacy and non-profit groups on the full spectrum of energy issues. Hynes clients include those in the traditional energy sector, as well as renewables, biofuels, and energy related agricultural fields.


Attracting viewers is only half the battle for a film or television show; creating and monitoring online “buzz” has become a crucial component of any publicity campaign. Hynes has promoted, monitored, and provided targeted marketing advice to major television networks and others in the entertainment industry.

Health Care

Health care is always a hot issue, and Hynes has become the go-to new media firm for major players in the health care community. Hynes represents the two largest advocacy groups in the country in the health care space for a reason: We know the issues, the targets, and the methods to shape the debate.

Political Campaigns and Committees

Hynes team members have both individually and collectively worked in national, state, and international politics at the highest levels. Hynes has a proven track record of successfully serving national committees and major candidates, including Sen. John McCain, the RNC, the NRSC and Carly Fiorina.

Public Safety and Security

As state and federal budgets tighten, legislators are constantly looking for cost-savings. Hynes advocates for clients focused on ensuring public safety and security amid newly challenging circumstances.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Blogs and online forums are fast replacing traditional reporting mediums, and Hynes keeps retail clients ahead of the curve. With clients including Fortune 500 companies and major retail chains, Hynes knows how to drive the consumer products conversation.


Technology and new media often go hand in hand, which means Hynes professionals have a unique grasp on the ideal medium to push tech industry messages – online.


Infrastructure and transportation remains a perpetual issue at the state and national levels, and many key players are still playing catch-up with blogs and social media. Hynes gives transportation industry and trade groups a voice in the online discussion.

Workforce & Employment

With the national focus on jobs, jobs, jobs, workforce issues are more prominent than ever. Hynes works with Fortune 500 companies and prominent advocacy groups to promote a legislative agenda to create free and fair workplaces.