Granite State Influencers weigh in on infrastructure

New Hampshire political influencers are divided on whether or not they think the current Congress will pass a federal infrastructure bill, but a majority says yes, according to the July 2021 HynesSight Influencer survey.

Most Granite State influencers, however, seem to agree on what should qualify as infrastructure. Over 90% voted that structures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, etc. should count as infrastructure. Less than 10% thought that it could also include daycare and social welfare programs as well. 

While most can agree on what infrastructure is, there certainly is not overwhelming support regarding federal infrastructure legislation.

"It needs to be a clean bill," one Influencer responded. "no pet projects."

"Social programs should be separate, but I get the tactic of jamming it in to one bill," remarked another respondent. "Kind of like the NH GOP did with this years budget bill."

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