Survey: Sununu approval continues to soar

New Hampshire political influencers give Gov. Chris Sununu high marks. Fifty-eight percent of influencers who participated in the May HynesSight Influencer Survey rate his job performance as "very good."

One influencer who called Sununu's job performance "very good" added, "character matters!"

“'Very good' is a crummy phrase. 'Awesome' is more apropos," said another.

"The best governor in the Northeast or in most states for that matter," one responded. "Almost as good as Ron DeSantis, hope he takes some pages from his book."

Even influencers who are not Republicans give him high marks for now.

"While I am a strong Independent Green leaning voter; I think he did a great job with the COVID pandemic," said one influencer. "Do I think he should have not withdrawn the mask requirement in NH; yes. But he also recognized that he had to put control back into the hands of local governments and businesses. I know many Dems that are disgusted by him and criticize him for everything just because he is a Republican. He did a far better job with getting the state vaccine rollout than Maine did ( which was a joke)."