Survey: Influencers oppose CRT but don't expect bill banning it to pass

Most Granite State political influencers oppose the teaching of so-called critical race theory in New Hampshire public schools and say they believe it further divides people, but a plurality of influencers also do not expect a measure - HB 544 - to ban CRT to become law.

Several of the 58% of respondents who said they strongly opposed teaching CRT in schools also added that it should be a local issue. "Tend to think this should be addressed at the local school district," one respondent said.

"Teaching it as one hypothesis among many would perhaps be good, but not as a core teaching," said another.

"Teaching the true history and not just parts that make America look good is what is needed to heal the nation," said one influencer. "One must understand the past to put context about what is currently happening; allowing for healthy dialogue between all in how to rectify the issues. The full and horrible past must be acknowledged."

However, most influencers agreed with one respondent who said, "I strongly disagree with the idea that we should teach children that 1) white children are inherently racist, and 2) the answer to discrimination against non-whites is to discriminate against whites."

However, only 28% of influencers believe HB 544, a bill designed to ban critical race theory will become law in the Granite State.