Results of February survey of Granite State political influencers

Key takeaways:

Buckley to get an eighth term?

Impeachment fallout nil for Hassan

Keep the state primary where it is

Stop the Twitter wars

Sununu's vaccine rollout going well

Eighty-three percent of political insiders expect incumbent Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley to defeat businessman Emmett Soldati for his eighth term, according to the latest HynesSight Influencer Survey conducted over the first week of February. The election for Democratic State Chair happens on March 14.

“NH needs younger leadership but the old guard has its grip on the party machine.” – New Hampshire Influencer

“It is past time for new leadership. Losing the House and Senate has led to severe consequences for public education, redistricting, and the budget.” – New Hampshire Influencer

“Emmett is gaining momentum in a state that's hard to predict.” – New Hampshire influencer

Feb Chart 2 - Dem Chair

Very few Granite State influencers (11%) believe the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will help vulnerable Senate Democrats like Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. In fact, 45% believe it will hurt them politically. Another 43% believe it will not affect them politically one way or the other.

“The public's memory is very short term. No one will remember what happened in February 2021, or care, come 2022.” – New Hampshire Influencer

Feb Chart 1

Most Granite State influencers (60%) oppose moving the New Hampshire state primary to an earlier date in August or June as some legislators have proposed. Among the 40% who do support moving the primary, slightly more choose August as a better time to hold the primary than June.

Feb Chart 3 Primary

Over three quarters of influencers view the recent state legislative Twitter wars as a distraction. Only 22% say they enjoy the social media combat between the political parties.

“The wars only serve to amplify the hyper partisan posturing of both parties.” – New Hampshire Influencer

“It's just another example of the sad state of political discourse in society today.” – New Hampshire Influencer

“We need to stop legislating via Tweet and Facebook post.” –New Hampshire Influencer

Feb Chart 5 Twitter

Finally, 60% of Granite State political influencers thing Gov. Chris Sununu is handling the Covid-19 vaccination rollout better than most Governors.

Feb Chart 6 Vaccine

The HynesSite Influencer Survey was conducted via email and social media during the first week of February 2021. Respondents are New Hampshire political insiders. Responses are and will always remain anonymous.