Most NH Influencers get news from websites, Twitter

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More New Hampshire political influencers get the majority of their state political news from websites such as NH Journal and InDepth NH than other sources like local television and local newspapers, according to the latest HynesSight Influencer Survey conducted over the New Year weekend.

Almost 41% of influencers said they get most of their news from such sites versus 38% who say they get most of their news from newspapers like the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Concord Monitor and 22% who say they get most of their news from local television stations like WMUR-TV and Boston area TV stations.

In a separate question, almost twice as many influencers say Twitter (66%) is the platform from which they get most of their political news than say Facebook (34%). New Hampshire influencers did not identify another social media platform as a primary source of news.


Almost half of all influencers (48%) believe House leadership’s drive-in session plan “is too complicated and is doomed to fail” versus 42% who say it isn’t ideal but it’s the best we can do during the pandemic and around 9% who say it is well-thought out and will work out just fine.” Nevertheless, almost 52% say the plan is “something we are morally obligated to do” in a separate question.

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The HynesSite Influencer Survey was conducted via email and social media during the New Year weekend. Respondents are New Hampshire political insiders. Responses are and will always remain anonymous.