Month: November 2020

November 2020 HynesSight Influencer Survey

Most New Hampshire political influencers expect Gov. Chris Sununu and the new Republican state legislature to prioritize either balancing the state budget (42%) or speedily distributing a COVID-19 vaccine (30%) after they take office in January 2021, according to the first HynesSite Influencer Survey. No other response earned double-digit support from New Hampshire influencers. Almost 9% said getting kids back into in-class learning should be the… Read more »

HynesSite Insider Survey

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Can advocacy campaigns rely on polling data?

Can advocacy campaigns rely on polling data? Key points: Political polling is “done”: Luntz Advocacy and public affairs industry needs to rethink intel gathering HUMINT, proxy issues, sentiment analysis, online panels Among the biggest losers of the 2020 campaign is the political polling industry. “The political polling profession is done,” Frank Luntz told Axios the day after virtually every poll was shown to be very, very… Read more »

Policy Consequences of the N.H.’s 2020 Election Results

Policy Consequences of N.H.’s 2020 Election Key points:  New Senate President, new Speaker of the House, new Attorney General New Democratic leadership?  Income tax is dead for a political generation Republican agenda is back on the table COVID, tax cuts, electric rates, health insurance costs, drug costs, education funding Granite Staters woke up Wednesday morning to a very different political scene in New Hampshire. Before the… Read more »