Hynes Column: The Race for NH-01

In his most recent column for the New Hampshire Union Leader, Hynes Communications President Patrick Hynes takes a look at the race for Congress in New Hampshire 1st District and concludes, “Mowers has Pappas on the run.”

Here’s a blurb:

COULD ONE of the swingiest Congressional districts in America swing back to the Republican Party in 2020?

New Hampshire’s first congressional district (NH-01) has been represented by a Democrat for 10 of the last 20 years. For the other 10 years it has been represented by a Republican. It is one of only 30 Democratic-held congressional districts that Donald Trump won in 2016. Recent polling from the Suffolk University Political Research Center foretells a good deal of ticket splitting across the ballot again this November.

NH-01 is a diverse district that includes the ultra-liberal University of New Hampshire in Durham as well as very conservative pockets of Belknap and Carroll counties. In it lie cities like progressive Portsmouth and conservative Laconia, two communities that could not be less alike (I’ve lived in both). The heart of the district is Manchester, the state’s largest city, which is predominantly Democratic but not exactly progressive.

This election sees first-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Chris Pappas defending the seat against Republican challenger Matt Mowers.

Read the whole column at the UnionLeader.com.

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