Poll: Congress will need to convince Americans they need Stimulus IV

Even before Congress began debating how best to replenish small business loan programs enacted in the Phase III stimulus bill passed in the wake of the economic destruction created by the COVID-19 crisis, leaders in Washington started to push for an unprecedented Phase IV economic stimulus bill.

However, they will need to convince Americans the time is now and that we cannot wait, according to a new online poll conducted by Hynes Communications.

Fifty-five percent of Americans believe Congress and the President should “wait to see how the current stimulus works out before spending more money.”

Twenty-three percent favors a straight infrastructure bill “to create new jobs.” Another 22% want a new stimulus bill that focuses on infrastructure “and other things like climate change, drinking water quality, and changing elections to include vote by mail.”

All ideological and political groups support the wait-and-see approach, with self-described Conservative Republicans favoring it most strongly (60%) and Liberal Democrats favoring it the least (47%). Fifty-nine percent of Independents support this approach

The wait-and-see approach is voiced most strongly in Washington by powerful congressional Republicans such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

House Democratic leadership has pushed most aggressively for a Phase IV plan. They want a bill that focuses on infrastructure as well as other things such as climate change, drinking water quality, and changing elections to include vote by mail.

President Donald J. Trump has said he would like to see a straight infrastructure bill that creates jobs.

The poll was conducted using the political monitoring product available through Zeeto.

Zeeto’s political monitoring product allows for real time, continuous polling. Zeeto allows pollsters and individual campaigns to ask Americans (registered voters, likely voters or demographically targeted groups) questions with enough volume to provide statistical significance on a daily basis. Visitors to Zeeto’s network answer over 1.9 million questions every day.

Article by: Patrick Hynes

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