Month: April 2020

Three Reasons Why Gov. Sununu’s Numbers are So Strong

The nation’s governors have the unenviable responsibility of managing their states’ COVID-19 responses and telling their residents “you can’t do that” until things settle down and we can reopen. Despite some protests, those governors have received pretty high marks for their performances. Eighty-five percent of Ohioans approve of the way Gov. Mike DeWine has handled his state’s response. Eighty-four percent of New Yorkers approve of Gov…. Read more »

Poll: Congress will need to convince Americans they need Stimulus IV

Even before Congress began debating how best to replenish small business loan programs enacted in the Phase III stimulus bill passed in the wake of the economic destruction created by the COVID-19 crisis, leaders in Washington started to push for an unprecedented Phase IV economic stimulus bill. However, they will need to convince Americans the time is now and that we cannot wait, according to a… Read more »